I started training with Luke 6 months ago because I needed to be pushed.    I am very coachable but left on my own I will end up doing the same sets over and over and over and then get bored and lose motivation.   Previously I had been on a competitive Masters swim team where I had that coach and teammates that would keep me motivated and focused.    This is what I needed from Luke and he has truly delivered.  Luke is very kind with an easy smile and a sharp wit but I’m not looking for a friend.  I have enough friends.  I need someone who will push me, who will move me beyond what I think are my limits, and who will craft a program that is effective, varied, efficient and tough.  I want to get better, to be a bit uncomfortable at times, and to see results.  I couldn’t be more pleased.  I am ripped, my pectoral muscles are growing so that I may need to purchase some new shirts and my abs are ripped. My back is wide and my shoulders are defined.  And I feel great!  Thank you Luke!


I trained with Luke for about 2 years and thanks to him I feel very  confident about my body.  He helped me to get to where I wanted to be with my physique.  He makes each session new, enjoyable and exciting. Besides being very professional and tough, Luke Sholl is very personable and has a great sense of humor which makes the workout a lot more fun.  I've never gotten with any other trainers the results I've gotten with with Luke. I highly recommend him if you really want to get in good shape and feel confident about your body just like I do.  Thanx a lot Luke!!


I don't normally write these but my experience with Luke has had such a positive impact on my life that i feel it warrants sharing so hopefully others can find him and get healthy and fit. First, let me say as a woman, I am very comfortable around Luke. He's professional, kind, patient, and knowledgeable. When we first met, Luke took the time to really listen to my goals and he asked a lot of questions about my training history and my past injuries. He also got a clear picture of my eating habits.    Basically, I wanted to get leaner and firmer without being bulky. Luke knew exactly what approach to take to accomplish this as efficiently as possible in the 3 days a week I can train. He helped me turn my diet around and I've been cooking healthy meals that taste great! And I feel amazing! Luke taught me a lot about gut health and how changing my diet to reduce inflammation and increase nutrient absorption while reinforcing the intestinal lining and beneficial gut bacteria! He even got me a great book about it! Definitely not your average trainer! And he's funny too! Luke makes each session fun and engaging with humor and different exercises. I highly recommend working with him.


Training with Luke has been one of the most effective and enjoyable experiences for me at the gym. Through informative and organized personal training he has helped me to gain lean muscle mass and results that everyone has noticed. Luke loves to push you like a crazed drill sergeant yet knows what your physical limitations are so that you can reach your goals in a more efficient time. By using a well-rounded and diversified daily routine, not only do you get an effective muscle burn, but also an intense cardio at the same time. I used to hate doing legs but after learning new methods and being pushed past my breaking point, it's now my favorite workout! Getting a great workout regimen designed, gaining valuable knowledge, and building strong motivation are the core results you get from training with Luke. But wait there is more; Luke throws in a bonus with his genuine caring personality, hilarious jokes, and great nutrition/diet recommendations. If you need help attaining your goals and have the determination to succeed then Luke is the commander for you.

Leigh Barry

I personally dislike the whole personal trainer relationship. However, Luke creates this environment that pushes you to go beyond what you thought you were capable of. When you leave his sessions you don't feel clueless as to what you just did and why. He gives you an understanding as to why his approach works. I am a 28yr. old woman that is in the best shape of her life, and I have been an athlete since I could walk, so go figure. He's been training me since Jan. 2011. I can do 90 REAL pushups, run 6 miles, and hike a building all because of him! He's the real deal!


I came to Luke in September, asking him to help me get fit for a midwinter trip to sunny Australia, as well as to learn the ins and outs of the floor machines at the gym. Luke was a patient, supportive coach who never let me slack, and he also provided me with the tools that I need to workout successfully on my own. Over the course of six months, I gained confidence, muscular weight, and a better appreciation of how important a proper workout is when you want to see results. All this, and Luke approaches each session with a welcome sense of humor that helped to make the sessions both rigorous and rewarding.


As a first-timer with a trainer, not only am I motivated to go to the gym on a regular basis, but I also see results. Training with Luke has pushed both my personal and physical limits. With his thorough understanding of the human body (more importantly mine), he is able to customize the workouts to suit my needs. Couple that with a charismatic, easy-going personality, Luke has what it takes to keep me coming back.


I used to be morbidly obese. After changing my eating habits and moving more, I was able to reshape my body into a smaller, healthy size.  After that transformation, I wanted to tone and create definition. Luke helped me achieve this by designing an exercise routine catered to my abilities and schedule. I've got a pretty busy life and would rather plop down in front of the tv with a beer instead of working out. Luke's positive reinforcement and sense of humor really motivated me to get off the couch. Thanks for everything, Luke!


Luke is by far the best trainer I've worked with. He consistently pushes me past my personal limits, and helps me realize new levels of my capabilities. He writes a very well planned, thorough, ambitious yet flexible program which has garnered me fantastic results. His demeanor is always supportive, lighthearted and entertaining, which always makes my workout both productive and enjoyable. I would highly recommend Luke to anyone looking to achieve their personal fitness goals in a safe and personable environment, and I'm looking forward to continuing our working relationship together.


It is very important to have a personal trainer. That's why I recommend Luke Sholl to anyone who's looking for a trainer. After discussing your exercise requirements, he sets personal goals for you, and is constantly encouraging you to reach those goals in a fun positive way. He's considerate, funny, and keeps your spirit up. He's always trying new ways to keep you motivated with new exercises. I'm very grateful to have Luke as my trainer, he helped me gain self confidence and reach my goals. 



I have been training with Luke for almost a year, he manages to keep the sessions fun and engaging with stories to keep me motivated when I can't do another rep. Every session is different yet we always manage to work the entire body especially the core which is great for my golf game. It's never boring and knowing I will see Luke in a few days keeps me motivated to workout between sessions and not slack off.


Luke has been an essential part of my weight loss journey. He is encouraging, motivating, and a wealth of information. If I could afford it, I would hire Luke to be around me 20 hours a day, pushing me to workout and eat right constantly. Instead, I should make a bracelet that says WWLS--What Would Luke Say. That would help me during the times I can't workout with him. Ive already lost ten pounds since our first meeting, and am continuing to get in the best shape of my life, all thanks to Luke.


In the six months I have been training with Luke, I've lost fat while getting stronger and more flexible.  I have more energy, and I just feel better generally. Each of our sessions is different, and Luke works hard to design my training program to help me accomplish my goals. For instance, when I was getting ready to go on a ski trip, we worked to develop leg strength and improve my balance; because I enjoy playing basketball, we focus frequently on developing quickness and agility.  During training sessions, Luke is always ready with an encouraging word to help me squeeze out an extra pushup, pull-up, squat or curl. I couldn't give Luke a stronger recommendation.


I trained with Luke for six weeks to help kick-start my fitness and strength after a few years away from regular exercise. He made it very clear to evaluate my body's capabilities, and start me off with things I could safely manage. Since I am young, and mostly healthy, I was able to progress pretty quickly. Now, after a few months on my own and a session here or there, I'm feeling strong, back in the gym regularly, and even taking gymnastics once a week.  

I would recommend Luke to anyone who wants to move, look, or feel better.


I worked out with Luke for three years until I left L.A. He really knows what he's doing, he's attentive, he's extremely patient, funny, easy to be with and I miss him every day. My body looked better than it ever has when I was working out with him 2-3/days a week. If you're looking for a trainer, stop looking, book your first session with him and don't look back.                          


I'm not someone who usually enjoys working out, so finding a trainer who could motivate me and keep me engaged was a challenge.  Luke was awesome.  He got me into better shape than I'd been in a long time.  Our sessions together always seemed to go by quickly.  We worked together right until I moved out of town.  I'd highly recommend him!